Syndicating Deals in the Best African Startups 🌍

πŸ’Έ We lead syndicate deals in seed-stage African startups with check sizes up to $100k

πŸ” Members of our syndicate get access to our proprietary deal flow, deal memos, and due diligence packages allowing them to back startups that will define Africa's tech future

What We Look For in Startups

  • Early-stage startups based in Africa with at least one African founder

  • Products addressing a large market

  • Post-launch products with initial levels of traction

  • Clear and compelling business models

  • Teams with strong founder-problem fit

Investors We've Co-Invested With


Iyin Aboyeji


Gbenga Agboola


Justin Kan


Timilehin dayo-kayode

Timilehin is a Nigerian investor based in the US.

He cut his investor teeth at Contrary Capital, where he spent three years as an investor, and One Way Ventures, where he spent a few months as an analyst. Besides syndicating deals at Roundtrip, he helps tier 1 funds in the US source and evaluate African dealflow.

Timi holds a B.A. in Economics from Tufts University.