We Lead Syndicate Deals in Innovative African Startups

Roundtrip Afrika is a community of global investors and founders exploring and investing in early-stage African startups. We lead syndicate deals for Pre-Seed to Seed companies with typical check sizes of up to $100k.

We seek post-launch founders with a great product that is solving a big problem. We help founders we believe in to access the capital they need to hit their next milestones and scale their product.

We offer our syndicate partners access to our proprietary deal flow, deal memos, and due diligence packages allowing them to own a portion of Africa's future.

What We Look For in Startups

  • Early-stage startups based in Africa with at least one African founder

  • Products addressing a large market

  • Post-launch products with initial levels of traction

  • Clear and compelling business models

  • Teams with strong founder-problem fit

Investors We've Co-Invested With


Iyin Aboyeji


Gbenga Agboola

Sequoia Scouts

Justin Kan


Timi Dayo-Kayode

Timi is a Nigerian native, entrepreneur, and investor.

He cut his investor teeth at Contrary Capital, where he spent three years as a venture partner, and One Way Ventures, where he spent a summer as an investment associate. He spends his post-grad days running Worksense, a venture-backed startup, as CEO, leading the team at Roundtrip, and playing copious amounts of FIFA.

Timi holds a B.A. in Economics and Computer Science from Tufts University.

Gigi Ngcobo

Gigi is a South African native, entrepreneur, and budding investor.

She served as the President of the MSU Women’s Association for Venture Capital and Private Equity and the Vice President of Spartan Blockchain Solutions. An advocate for developing emerging markets, Gigi organized the inaugural MSU African Business Symposium and was a distinguished speaker at the University of Michigan.

Gigi holds a B.A. in Finance and UX Design from Michigan State University.

AlexANDER Ovabor

Alex is a security engineer and coder.

He has a strong interest in the world of VC and entrepreneurship. He is very passionate about providing African startups with the support that they need to succeed, especially at their earliest stages.

Alex studied Cybersecurity at CCBC.

Olumide Longe

Olu is a Nigerian entrepreneur, speaker, and digital creator.

Previously as Chief of Staff, he led a team of technology and business consultants helping startups from Sub Saharan Africa build incredible products and penetrate new markets.

Olu holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Prairie View A&M University.