Our Fellowship

Empowering African Innovators

The Roundtrip Fellowship is a virtual talent accelerator for young Africans who want to become active participants in the African tech revolution.

Our program incubate startups for 10 weeks, providing them a tailored curriculum to ensures they successfully launch or scale tech-enabled companies targeting African markets. Fellows will build co-founder relationships, and attend workshops led by successful African founders, operators, and investors.

The program is flexible and designed to work around busy schedules as our digital events and assignments require only a few hours to complete. So, whether the fellow is a software engineer or student researcher, we have built our program with their success in mind!

Become part of a community of Africans plugged into the startup ecosystem. Leave your details here to learn about our next cohort.

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  • Who can apply?

Africans based on the African continent or North America, and currently in university or at most 5-years out

  • When is the application deadline?

TBD, leave your details here to learn about our next cohort.

  • What is the duration of the program?

10 weeks

  • What kinds of content does your curriculum cover?

Topics essential for early-stage startups such as ideation and idea validation, GTM strategy, customer acquisition and many more

  • What kinds of startups will the fellows launch?

Fellows are free to start any company that targets an African market and has a tech-related product

  • Will companies that get launched receive funding?

We do not directly fund companies formed by our fellows, however, we facilitate strategic relationships between our founders and investors. This provides teams with the opportunity to secure future funding.

  • Will you have a demo day?

Yes, and it will be attended and judged by African investors

  • What kinds of workshops will you have?

Workshops are hosted by African founders, investors, operators, and center around the topics in our curriculum

  • Do I have to be born in Africa to apply?

No, but it would help if you had a significant heritage to the continent

  • Can I apply if I don’t live in North America or an Africa country?

No, but we have things in the works for diasporan Africans on other continents

  • How and where do I apply?

Stay Informed!